Biden’s foreign policy challenges in 2023: China, Russia and war in the Middle East

1. China: The growing economic and political rivalry between China and the US presents one of the most significant foreign policy challenges for the Biden administration. Biden will need to continue to push back on China’s influence in the Indo-Pacific region, ensure a fair and balanced approach to US-China relations, and counter aggressive Chinese actions.

2. Russia: Biden has already demonstrated his commitment to a strong and resilient US-Russia policy, and he will need to continue to manage tensions between the two countries while maintaining international stability. Biden will need to continue economic sanctions on Russia in response to its interference in US elections, cyberattacks, and other disruptive activities.

3. War in the Middle East: Biden will face continuing tensions in the Middle East, particularly with American involvement in the conflicts in Syria and Yemen. He will need to address regional security challenges, including Iran’s nuclear program and the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He will also need to work with regional allies to ensure stability and protect American interests in the region.

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