Stellar corpse called ‘Tasmanian devil’ reveals phenomenon astronomers have never seen


Astronomers have recently made a remarkable discovery – a “stellar corpse” dubbed the Tasmanian devil due to its bright and chaotic appearance. This mysterious celestial object, which is thought to be a supernova remnant, is the result of a stellar explosion that occurred around 300 years ago.

The unusual shape of the Tasmanian devil is due to an unusually powerful shockwave that was generated by the explosion. This shockwave is believed to have generated a magnetic field which has distorted the stellar material into strange shapes, creating the mazelike structure that is visible today.

This mysterious object is the first of its kind to be observed and is providing astronomers with a unique opportunity to observe and understand what happens after a star explodes. Using advanced methods such as X-ray imaging, they are gathering data that will help them understand the various phenomena that occur in supernovas and how people can better predict their impacts on the surrounding space environment.

The Tasmanian devil is an important reminder that the universe is filled with fascinating phenomena that are just waiting to be explored.

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