About those immigrating languages that ‘nobody speaks’


I believe you’re referring to languages that may be brought into a country by immigrants, but aren’t widely spoken outside their own community. This is a common scenario for lesser-known or minority languages that are not as globally widespread as, for example, English, Spanish, Mandarin, or French.

There are over 7,000 languages spoken in the world today, and many of them are spoken by a tiny fraction of the world’s population, often concentrated in specific regions or countries. When individuals or groups from these regions migrate to new countries, they bring along their languages. This can lead to pockets or communities within a larger society where these minority languages are spoken. However, due to several factors such as the need for integration, economic necessities, and generational shifts, these languages often have limited scope outside their respective communities and are sometimes termed as the languages that “nobody speaks.”

One such example is the Welsh language in the United States. Despite a large number of Welsh immigrants in the 19th century, Welsh is not widely spoken in the U.S., mainly due to assimilation over generations. The same is true for languages like Oromo from Ethiopia, Kirundi from Burundi, and Punjabi from India and Pakistan.

These languages hold cultural significance and importance for the immigrant communities, and efforts are often made within these communities to preserve and teach these languages to younger generations. However, the lack of broader societal use and institutional support can often lead to these languages being marginalized or endangered over time.

Is there a specific language or group you’re interested in knowing more about? I’d be glad to help with more detailed information.

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