Deadly green mamba snake on the loose in Dutch city

Dutch officials are on alert after reports of a green mamba snake being spotted in the Netherlands. The venomous snake, native to Africa, is believed to have been let loose from an abandoned pet store.

Many police officers, state zoologists and firefighters have been deployed to capture the elusive creature. The snake was last seen in a residential area, close to the city of Eindhoven.

The green mamba is considered one of the most potent venomous snakes in the world. Its venom can cause cardiac arrest and death in a matter of minutes.

Residents have been warned to be vigilant and to keep children and pets away from the snake. If they spot it, they should call the emergency services. The authorities have also urged people not to attempt to capture the snake themselves, as it can be dangerous to approach.

Experts are trying to determine how the green mamba could have been let loose in the Netherlands, and whether there are more snakes roaming the streets.

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