First on CNN: Father describes how his young daughter Emily Hand survived Hamas captivity

In an exclusive interview with CNN, the father of Emily Hand, the young Israeli woman who was recently released from Hamas captivity, has provided a dramatic recount of his daughter’s experience.

The father, who was not named in the interview, described how Hand was snatched from the streets of the West Bank during a religious procession. According to her father, Emily was drugged and taken to a Hamas compound. During her captivity, Emily reported that she was held in a small, dark cell where she was tortured and deprived of food and water.

Emily’s father recounted that after several days, the group released her in a wooded area, and she was able to navigate her way back to safety. Upon her return, Emily was taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

The father also spoke of his deep gratitude to the Israeli government for their assistance in securing his daughter’s release. He says that he believes they did everything in their power to secure Emily’s safety.

The incident serves as yet another reminder of the dangers of living in a conflict zone like the West Bank.

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