Freed Israeli hostage says she endured ‘psychological warfare’ during 50 days of Hamas captivity

The Israeli woman who was released after being held captive by Hamas for 50 days said she endured “psychological warfare” during her captivity.

Ahed Efal was released last week in a prisoner swap between Israel and Hamas. In a statement, Efal said she was subjected to interrogations and mock trials during her time in captivity.

Efal was denied contact with her lawyer and family and was constantly subjected to threats and intimidation by her captors. She also said that she was deprived of sleep for hours at a time and was held in a tiny cell with no natural light.

Efal went on to say that she was often presented with false information designed to enrage her and said she was subjected to other forms of psychological warfare designed to make her feel frightened and helpless.

Efal’s statement speaks to the conditions of captivity that many civilians face during armed conflicts. It is important for the international community to ensure that the rights of all civilians are respected, regardless of political differences.

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