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CEO of Collapsed Crypto Fund HyperVerse Seems to Not Exist At All + More News

The news of the collapsed crypto fund HyperVerse is still making waves, and it looks increasingly likely that the purported CEO of the project never existed at all.

An investigation by DeCrypt news has turned up no evidence of the CEO, Hary McDonnel, ever existing, despite HyperVerse’s founders making his name public in multiple interviews. The existing evidence suggests that HyperVerse’s CEO was likely a fabrication, created to add legitimacy to the project’s operations.

Beyond that, the saga of the HyperVerse collapse has taken yet another strange turn. It appears that the funds which were supposedly invested into the project were never actually invested: instead, they were simply transferred out to multiple accounts, with many of them having been liquidated for cash.

In related news, Coinbase has announced that it is introducing a fee-sharing program in which customers who trade certain cryptocurrency pairs will have their trading fees refunded to them. The program is part of Coinbase’s wider efforts to increase liquidity on its platform and make trading more attractive.

Finally, a US federal judge has issued an injunction halting the SEC’s attempt to force Telegram to refund investors in the company’s allegedly fraudulent “Gram” token sale. The judge noted that the SEC had failed to provide sufficient evidence to prove its case against Telegram. This decision, however, is likely to be appealed as both sides seek to have their views heard in court.

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