Hispanic conservatives defend Univision amid backlash over Trump interview

In response to the backlash generated by Univision’s interview with presidential hopeful Donald Trump over his inflammatory remarks about Mexican immigrants, a number of prominent Hispanic conservatives have come to the defense of the network.

Most notably, the leader of the Hispanic Leadership Network, Alfonso Aguilar, said of the incident: “This was an example of Univision doing its job and trying to hold a public figure accountable and, frankly, doing the job that the mainstream media should have done and has not done.” Dana Perino, former White House press secretary under George W. Bush, also championed the broadcast, noting that it “was a total journalism victory for Univision – real accountability journalism!About time.”

These defenders offered a counterpoint to the difficult situation in which Univision finds itself. After terminating its relationship with the Trump organization, boycotts both for and against the network have been launched. In addition, Trump is currently pursuing a $500 million dollar lawsuit against Univision for breach of contract. Despite this, many Hispanic conservatives such as Esperanza Hope Firestone continue to stand by Univision, believing they acted properly in holding Trump accountable for his insulting remarks.

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