Housing, inflation, interest rates and more: What to expect in the 2024 economy

The United States economy is projected to strengthen over the course of the next four years.

Housing: Home prices are expected to rise in most markets, driven by low mortgage rates and a strong job market. Tightening inventory and strong demand from buyers could drive further appreciation.

Inflation: Inflation will most likely remain low, although there is some risk of price increases for necessities such as food and energy.

Interest rates: The Federal Reserve is expected to raise the target interest rate gradually, but there is a strong likelihood that a rise in inflation could prompt the Fed to speed up their rate hiking schedule.

Stocks: The stock market is expected to continue to increase, with higher earnings expected from companies across the board.

GDP: The U.S. GDP is projected to grow, with underlying strength in the consumer sector and business investments.

Job market: Positive job growth is expected with increased corporate investment, as well as further expansion of the tech and health care sectors.

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