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Singapore’s Blockchain-Powered ADDX Exchange Lists AI-Enabled Equities Funds

Singapore-based ADDX Exchange announced the successful listing of its first AI-enabled equity funds using blockchain technology. The funds are designed to execute trades across multiple exchanges in different countries.

The funds will use AI algorithms to analyse millions of data points and execute the best trades. This allows the exchange to capture more profitable opportunities and generate higher returns than traditional strategies.

The listing of these AI-enabled equity funds provides a new investment opportunity for investors in Singapore. It also allows them to diversify their portfolios and diversify their risk.

The listing of these funds marks an important development within the Singapore’s blockchain and fintech sector. It is a sign of the continued development of blockchain technology in the region.

ADDX Exchange is looking to provide investors more opportunities to grow their capital and unlock value. It is also striving to build a secure, transparent and compliant cryptocurrency and digital asset trading platform.

ADDX Exchange is confident that its blockchain-powered technology will revolutionise the way people invest, allowing investors to access global markets with the click of a button.

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