Starbucks unveils plan to add 17,000 locations by 2030

Starbucks Corporation has announced a plan to add 17,000 new locations by 2030, bringing the total number of stores worldwide to around 55,000. The company says the majority of the new stores will be outside the US, in markets like China, Japan, Canada, and Indonesia. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said the expansion plan “forms an important part of our growth story and our commitment to making Starbucks accessible to even more customers in existing and new markets around the world.” According to the plan, the company will also add a technology-enhanced roastery experience in “strategic markets.” This includes the first location in Tokyo, as well as “testing new ways to engage customers and create immersive and memorable experiences.” Johnson also promised to bring “new innovations, experiences, and coffee offerings” to the customers. While it’s too early to guess what specific features Starbucks will bring to its international locations, the company has previously experimented with virtual reality coffee tastings and voice-activated ordering.

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