What we know about what Israel has found at Al-Shifa

Israel has conducted various activities at the Al-Shifa site, located in Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip. In July 2018, Israel used double barrel light mortar launches in an apparent effort to intercept and destroy the Al-Shifa site. Israel has stated that the site was being used to plan, facilitate, and coordinate military operations by Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, Israel reported that it had destroyed various weapons such as Jackson assault rifles, explosives, Mortar launchers and ammunition. It also reported that an underground tunnel system was destroyed in the attack.

Since then, Israel has released further details of what was found at the Al-Shifa site, including surveillance and communications equipment, military grade explosives, RPG launchers, artillery rockets and anti-tank missiles, improvised mines, and UAVs. These items suggest that the site was being used to plan and coordinate large-scale military operations.

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