How Democrats have soured on Israel

In recent years, Democrats have become increasingly skeptical of the U.S.-Israel relationship that has been so heavily supported by both parties in the past. This skepticism is due in part to the policies of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has created issues in the relationship such as his opposition to a two-state solution, cracking down on critics of his government, and cementing illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories. Additionally, as progressive policies such as tackling climate change are gaining traction, many Democrats feel that Israel is not doing enough to reduce its carbon footprint or to support solutions such as the Green New Deal. In addition, recent research indicates that most young Democrats support greater changes in the U.S.-Israel relationship than their elders, such as the creation of a Palestinian state and the reduction of financial support for Israel. Ultimately, the relationship between U.S. Democrats and Israel has become more nuanced than before, as many Democrats are now careful to separate their support for Israeli people and security from their criticism of the country’s government and policies.

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