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Crypto Expert Chosen by Erdogan for Turkey’s Central Bank Board

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has chosen Muhammet Aydın, a lawyer and a cyber security and encryption specialist, to serve in the board of directors in Turkey’s Central Bank. Aydın is a former Minister of Public Works & Housing and currently serves as Chairman of the Security Informatics Research Center at Ankara University.

Aydın is a veteran in the field of cyber security and cryptography, having authored numerous research papers and books on the topics. He also founded the Conference on Cyber Security and Cryptography (CSC) in 2017. He holds a degree in Political Science and Public Administration from Ankara University.

At the Central Bank Board, Aydin will be taking to helm on matters such as the technology platform, digital wallets, blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. He is expected to leverage his experience and expertise to help Turkey make inroads in the cryptosphere, and further establish an improved regulatory framework for the space.

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