Dog that survived in the wild after going missing nearly 7 years ago is rescued

Recently, a dog that had been missing for nearly seven years was rescued after surviving in the wild. The mixed-breed terrier, now named Mona, went missing from her home in Lakeville, Minnesota in 2013. She was eventually found in a neighboring town, having survived by eating small animals, scavenging, and drinking from creeks.

Mona’s owners, Rob Wood and Nicole Simich, had been looking for her ever since she went missing, even creating a Facebook page devoted to trying to find her. They received a call from a woman who had seen the Facebook page and found Mona looking for food near her property.

When Mona was brought to an animal shelter, she was in bad condition, weighing only 19 pounds. With the help of veterinarians, Mona has gained back some of the weight she had lost and is now starting to gain weight again.

Mona now lives with her owners, who are thrilled that she’s back home after such a long time. They are also thankful for the woman who rescued her, believing that she saved Mona’s life.

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