Gaston Glock, creator of handgun that flooded the world, dies at 94

Gaston Glock, the Austrian engineer who created the first successful modern handgun, died on Tuesday at the age of 94.

Glock developed the semi-automatic pistol in 1982. His handgun quickly became popular with police and military forces, and eventually flooded the civilian market as well. The Glock is now the most popular handgun in the world, and is used by law enforcement in more than 100 countries.

The Glock was revolutionary for its unique design features, which included its lightweight polymer frame, its magazine-fed design, and its relatively easy cleaning and maintenance. It also had a reduced number of parts, which made it easier to assemble and disassemble.

Despite its success, Glock’s life was not without sorrow and tragedy. In the 1980s, he declared bankruptcy after a failed business venture. His son, Gaston Glock Jr., died in an apparent suicide in 2010.

Glock himself was also dogged by allegations of fraud and corruption. However, he ultimately emerged unscathed and continued to manage his companies throughout his life.

Gaston Glock’s design and legacy will continue to live on through the popular handgun he created. He was a truly iconic figure, and his death is a great loss to the gun community.

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