Tesla recalls 120,000 vehicles over potentially faulty doors that could open in a crash

In April 2021, Tesla Inc. issued a voluntary recall of its Model S and Model X cars worldwide, due to a potentially faulty “power rear seat latch”. The recall affects around 120,000 vehicles produced between February and October 2016, including about 82,000 registered in the United States.

The issue revolves around the vehicles’ doors, which in the event of a crash could open, potentially injuring occupants inside the vehicle.

Tesla issued the recall following an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Tests revealed that due to a fault in the power rear seat latch, the doors could open during a crash, when the load on the door is greater than the strength of the latch.

According to Tesla, the defect has not been associated with any accidents or injuries at this point.

In response to the recall, Tesla has issued a statement saying that it will repair the issue without any charge for all affected vehicles. Tesla owners have been notified and instructed to take their vehicles to a Tesla Service Center for repair.

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